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Condition Critical

Key Principles for Equitable and Inclusive Education

Mara Sapon-Shevin and Diana Lawrence-Brown


This important book provides a unique merging of disability studies, critical multiculturalism, and social justice advocacy to develop both the knowledge base and the essential insights for implementing fully inclusive education. The authors expand the definition of inclusion to include students with a broad range of traditionally marginalized differences (including but not limited to disabilities, cultural/linguistic/racial background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and class). Chapters provide 12 key principles important to developing a critical perspective toward educating diverse students. 

Book Features:

  • Personal stories that make concepts accessible to new and pre-service teachers.
  • Application exercises ideal for courses and professional development workshops.
  • Highlight boxes that raise additional questions for discussion and debate.
  • Interactive, multimodal instructional activities to use with many kinds of learners.
  • Additional activities and resources available online at

"Condition Critical" Reviews

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